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Step off the conveyer belt of insurance-based primary care

What's old is new again.

Dr. Corson is a Board Certified Family Medicine MD. He is excited to offer a neighborhood-based Direct Primary Care practice in Salt Lake City. Direct Primary Care is a growing model of medical practice in which patients contract directly with their doctor, leaving the insurance company out of the equation. This allows doctors and patients the freedom to enter into a more personal and direct relationship. Patients benefit from unprecedented access to their doctor. In addition to virtually unlimited office visits (without a copay), patients have access to Dr. Corson via a patient portal, secure messaging, and by phone. The number of patients in his practice will be limited. 


Primary care is not expensive

Affordable, transparent pricing

Monthly fees are on par with cellphone bills, cable bills, gym memberships, or your Coffee Garden habit.

Laptop & Coffee

The un-clinic

No waiting, just the doc and you

Nobody wants to go to the doctor. Salt Lake Direct Primary Care hopes to change that by providing a space that doesn't feel like a clinic. No crowded waiting room, just a small office (located above Jolley's Pharmacy) that feels like a living room. Sit down, relax, and let's have a chat. Just don't get too distracted by the view of Mt Wire.


Contact Us

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Directions: The office is above Jolley's Pharmacy. Use the east door adjacent to the parking lot. I am upstairs in suite 204.

Thanks for your inquiry. Expect a response by the end of the next business day.

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